The instantly relaxing beverage you need in your refreshment rotation
The instantly relaxing beverage you need in your refreshment rotation

There is no way to predict what stressors your guests will have already had to deal with when they arrive for an appointment. The realities of everyday life don’t melt away just because there’s a massage or facial on the books  – but with the right tools, the impact of those stressors certainly can.

The first moments between a guest’s arrival and their service are crucial. For new clients, this is an opportunity to get an idea of what they can expect from your offerings before, during and after treatment. For regulars, this initial interaction is (hopefully) a part of what keeps them coming back. Part of that experience is the pre-treatment refreshment – an easy, delicious way to ensure your client a seamless, stress-free transition from tense – to total tranquility. 

Need a new, effective option to add to the mix? No Worries™, we’ve got your back. Good Pharma’s caffeine-free, rooibos, stress-relief tea, boasts a comprehensive list of soothing ingredients that will provide an instant mood shift. Made with a precise blend of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, ayurvedic adaptogens and herbs, this unique formulation works together to put the body and mind at ease. 

The proof is in the long list of relaxing ingredients that each bring their own relieving properties. Jujube seed, mother of pearl powder, shi chang pu root and poria mushrooms work to calm the mind, alleviate tension and reduce inflammation. Ashwagandha and Holy Basil aid in cutting some of the negative effects of anxiety. Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Linden Blossom and Passionflower all support a sense of ease and calm. 

It’s a who’s who of serene MVPs, all in one, easy to serve package. What’s more, Good Pharma teas are served in compostable infusers, made from corn. Our mission is to provide the highest quality ingredients in a more sustainable way. You can join us in our work to do good for your guests and for the environment. . 

With tropical mango and juicy passion fruit tasting notes, No Worries’ smooth, slightly sweet, drinking experience is the perfect addition to your waiting room. Light enough to enjoy hot or cold, the effects of this calming concoction will stay with them long after their treatment is over – and keep them coming back for more.