How I Keep SIBO Symptoms at Bay: Starting at the Root
How I Keep SIBO Symptoms at Bay: Starting at the Root

How I Keep SIBO Symptoms at Bay: Starting at the Root

by Jill Portman, co-founder and President of Good Pharma


I was recently interviewed and featured in First for Women Magazine (May 2022 issue) on how I fight the fatigue and tiredness that stem from my GI issues. I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), an imbalance of the microorganisms in the gut that maintain healthy digestion. Discouraged and distraught by the side effects caused by various antibiotics that doctors prescribed for my SIBO symptoms, I turned to traditional forms of healing like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices. This journey inspired me to use my industry experience as Founder of Mighty Leaf Tea to create my own line of functional coffee and teas that could help provide relief.

I am so grateful for the overwhelming response from First for Women readers who are interested in our “gut health tea”. In fact, I don’t have one specific tea in my line that addresses all of the symptoms in one fell swoop. My experience with SIBO increased my production of the stress hormone cortisol, so my focus is to find ways to keep my cortisol levels balanced. I drink the functional coffee and teas as a system to optimize my day.. Our line was designed from the inspiration of Eastern medicine, which focuses on fixing problems at the root (think lifestyle, diet) and not just alleviating the symptoms (as Western medicine does).

As a necessary medical disclaimer, I want to add that Good Pharma teas are not intended to correct or cure SIBO.


Here is a description of each Good Pharma coffee and tea and why/how I use them:


Brain Gain

I take this in the morning to help jump-start my day with the added clarity from the extracts of Rhodiola & Lions Mane Mushrooms + L-theanine helps to counter jitters from the coffee. It is a smooth energy boost with tremendous help with focus & clarity. I take this in the morning.


On days I don't feel like coffee (or when I need an added energy boost later in the day), I enjoy a cup of Resilience. It offers me a more gentle lift since this green tea is ~25% of the caffeine content as coffee. The Chaga mushroom extract provides added energy while boosting my immunity (which I have found for myself to be somewhat compromised from time to time). I also drink this both iced and hot. I LOVE this iced and make it in batches to put in my pitcher in the fridge so I can enjoy it more easily.

No Worries

This is our secret weapon: it balances out cortisol using botanicals such as lemon balm & licorice root, which promote relaxation. Enjoy hot or iced. It’s especially delicious topped off with 100% pineapple or passionfruit juice.

Rest Assured

With my anxiety, I find my sleep to be compromised. Therefore, I take No Worries mid-afternoon; then, Rest Assured before bed. The synergistic effect of the two taken in tandem provides extraordinary support for a night of deep, restorative sleep.


I'd recommend the Discovery Pack to experience a carton of each and see what works best for you.


One last point regarding fennel. In the First for Women Magazine (May 2022 issue), the author mentioned fennel but I think they were confused with licorice. We use licorice root in Rest Assured to regulate the production of cortisol and reduce anxiety symptoms, along with benefits to the skin. We do not use fennel in our blends.

While Good Pharma isn't a cure or treatment for SIBO, I've found that using our teas and coffees in this way has really alleviated the elevated stress hormones and fatigue that came with the disease. I hope you find comfort as well.