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What Makes Us “Good”
Rooted in Traditional Medicine
Centuries of plant-based medicine, scientifically formulated to support your well-being.
Sourcing the Best Ingredients
Our founders have been sourcing premium whole-leaf tea and herbs for over 30 years
Rxtracts™ Innovation
Our proprietary extraction process of functional mushrooms and botanicals delivers optimal bioavailability.
Your Daily Indulgence
No one needs another mushroom drink that tastes like dirt, so our formulas don’t just work, they’re also delicious.
Jill Portman and Gary Shinner Good Pharma founders
Jill & Gary, Founders of Good Pharma

Before the idea of "self-care" became the widely accepted term it is now, we sought ways to optimize and care for ourselves through yoga, meditation, plants, and integrative medicine, with the vision to be whole enough to care for others with the same purpose and intention.

Today we're known as successful serial entrepreneurs, but it wasn't always that way...

  • Love this nourishment to start the day

    "I look forward to hitting the heat 1st thing in the morning (after the prebiotics of course) It allows me to keep my morning ritual without giving me jitters and no radical spike like I'd get from the old espresso routine."

    - Amy N.
    May 2022

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  • Really wanting to boost my immunity

    "The black tea color was interesting and a quite a bit darker than my normal teas and then I tasted it. Super delicious berry flavor. I love chaga in my coffee normally, but actually think i might prefer this better... lighter and very supportive."

    -Elle H.
    December 2021

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  • Seriously no worries!

    "I love the taste of this! Just the right amount of flavor. I use this as a replacement for one too many coffees in the afternoon (this is caffeine free) this really helps shift my habits toward better sleep. My next step is to try Rest Assured to get rid of my jitters and wakefulness!"

    -Dan L.
    April 2022

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  • Immediate relief

    "This cup of love relaxed me to my core. It’s warm, refreshing and soothing to the max! Oura ring is glowwwwingg! Up by ten."

    -Jenna Z.
    January 2022

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Brain Gain mushroom coffee for focus, Resilience green tea for immunity strength, No Worries stress relief tea, Rest Assured sleep tea
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