Iced Maple Syrup Brain Gain
Iced Maple Syrup Brain Gain

Iced Brain Gain with Maple Syrup and Oat Milk is more than just a refreshing and delicious iced coffee; it is also packed with ingredients that are specifically chosen to enhance cognitive function and support overall brain health. Good Pharma's Brain Gain Coffee contains L-theanine and Lion's Mane, two powerful ingredients that work together to provide a variety of brain-boosting benefits.

  • Prep Time: 2 mins
  • Cook Time: 2 mins
  • Total Time: 4 mins


  • 1 Infuser Brain Gain
  • 1 tbsp Maple Syrup
  • ¼ Cup Oat Milk


  1. Brew your Brain Gain as instructed you can brew over ice for an iced drink or hot
  2. Add a drizzle of maple syrup
  3. Top with oatmilk
  4. Enjoy