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Not your average coffee.

We've created a coffee that didn't exist.

A carefully crafted blend of premium coffee beans infused with brain-boosting nootropics. Brain Gain Coffee delivers a rich, smooth taste with the perfect amount of focus-enhancing ingredients.

This delicious, energizing drink is sure to become your go-to for productivity.

What's In the Box:

  • 7 individual compostable infusers
  • Real coffee (never instant) + Cognitive Rxtracts (potent doses of clinically-proven mushrooms and roots)
  • Drink one in lieu of your usual cup of coffee
What is Brain Gain?

Brain Gain is a delicious coffee that contains a blend of nootropic ingredients that are designed to improve cognitive function and enhance mental clarity.

How does Brain Gain work?

Brain Gain contains a blend of natural ingredients that are designed to enhance cognitive function and improve mental clarity. The caffeine in Brain Gain can help increase alertness and focus, while the nootropic ingredients help support brain health and enhance cognitive function.

What are the benefits of Brain Gain?

Brain Gain can help improve cognitive function, enhance mental clarity, and boost energy levels. The natural ingredients in Brain Gain can also help support brain health and protect against cognitive decline.

How do I prepare Brain Gain?

It's easy! Simply place the compostable infuser in a mug, pour hot water over it, and let it steep for 2-4 minutes. Then remove the infuser and enjoy your delicious and energizing Brain Gain coffee.

Is Brain Gain safe?

Yes, Brain Gain is made with natural ingredients that are generally considered safe. However, if you have any concerns or questions about using Brain Gain, you should consult with your healthcare provider before use.

Can Brain Gain be consumed at any time of the day?

Brain Gain contains caffeine, so it is recommended to consume it earlier in the day to avoid disrupting sleep patterns. However, it can be consumed at any time of the day as long as you're mindful of the caffeine content.

Is Brain Gain vegan-friendly?

Yes, Brain Gain is made with all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients.

Is Brain Gain safe for people with dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Brain Gain is made with natural ingredients and does not contain any common allergens like wheat, dairy, or nuts. However, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before using Brain Gain if you have any specific dietary restrictions or concerns.

How many servings are in each package of Brain Gain?

One carton contains 7 packages of Brain Gain. Each package of Brain Gain contains one compostable infuser that is designed to brew a single serving of coffee.

How does the trial work?

When you sign up for the trial, you'll get a 7-pack of Brain Gain mushroom coffee. If you choose not to cancel, in 15 days, well ship 21 servings for $58.80 (plus taxes). Your future boxes will ship and bill every 30 days. You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Can I adjust how often I get the products?

Our subscription plan allows you to customize the delivery schedule according to your individual needs. Our standard shipping cycles are based on the typical refill frequency of our subscribers, but we understand that everyone has unique routines. If you're running low on your supply, simply move up your shipment date. If you still have leftovers, push back the shipment date. And, if you need a break, you can pause the subscription anytime.

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15-day trial. $58.80/mo thereafter, cancel anytime.