Why Good Pharma?

The Science Behind our Products
Your soothing pour-over experience begins the moment you tear open the infuser and clip onto your mug. Hot water activates our concentrated, full spectrum standardized extractions, called Rxtracts™, delivering nature’s medicine, perfectly complementing your tea, coffee or herbal experience.
Rxtracts™ are powered by functional mushroom extractions + adaptogenic botanicals sourced to create precision potency, delivering ritualistic wellness in a delicious cup.
Expertly developed over three years and based on thousands of years of traditional plant-based medicine, our potent Rxtracts™ are based on our proprietary ingredient extraction processes that deliver 6:1 to 20:1 concentration and bioavailability.

What Sets Our Supplements Apart

There are many wellness and supplement products out there. But never before has an infusion so effectively brought out the transformational benefits of “nature’s pharma” and tasted so darn good at the same time. We welcome you to explore what’s behind our Good Pharma™ door.

Here's Why We're Different

Ingredients with Benefits you Feel

From Traditional Chinese Medicinals, and supportive mushroom extracts to Rhodiola, Ashwagandha and amino acids, every blend is formulated and produced to bring you noticeable benefits. There’s a reason these ingredients have been coveted around the world for centuries. Even better, it's delivered in our innovative, delicious and craveable Good PharmaTM experience.

Fresh-brew Pour Over.
Superior Taste & Texture.

No mixing powders or choking down chalky supplements around here. Just morning coffee infusion, and afternoon and evening tea infusion rituals enhanced by a fresh-brew pour over experience and the mightiest, tastiest, and passionately crafted ingredients. With each sip, you experience a wonderful mouthfeel texture derived from key plant-based ingredients.

Infuser Designed To Activate

Our infuser is designed for maximum convenience and flow through of supportive and tasty ingredients. This open pour over design allows you to stir the good stuff, activating RxtractsTM into your cup so you get the serving you deserve. Plus, our infuser is made from sustainable and industrially compostable plant-based materials.

Activating "Nature's pharma" – Granules and Precision Potency

Your wellbeing means everything to us. That’s why we created an extraction process that delivers 6:1 to 20:1 concentration and bioavailability. We achieved the nearly impossible scientific feat in developing our proprietary granules, compressing extracts, that when stirred, activate with water for superior taste and high potency, so you get the absolute best of “nature’s pharma” out of every single drop.

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